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During WW2 I was for a time No1 of a tank landing craft and was involved in the South of France landings. Over the past few years I have been studying the role of Major Landing Craft, in the war in the Eastern Mediterranean from the beginning of 1941 until the spring of 1943, when the Axis forces were thrown out of North Africa. This interest began when I realised that my craft LCT(S)17 was one of only 5 craft which survived from the original 20 Mk1s which were sent out to the Med. in 4 sections as deck cargo and were assembled in Port Said/ Port Tewfick. The Mk1s were later joined by 32 Mk2s and together they made up the Western Desert Lighter Force which was then part of the Inshore Squadron. This Squadron had been formed to work with the Army as the fighting moved back and forth along the Libyan and eventually the Tunisian coastal strip.The craft were also active in the Levant, the Dodecanese islands and the Greece/Crete waters. By the end of March, 1943 only 26 of the original force of 52 craft remained.This interest in the Lighter Force led me also to read widely about the war on land and in the air in the area.